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Founded in 1986 by Shirley Charatan and Jack Bick, S. Charatan Realty is a leading NYC based Real Estate firm that provides real estate advisory and brokerage services. S. Charatan’s team has closed over $5 billion worth of Real Estate transactions throughout New York City and New Jersey.

Our company covers all major commercial asset types throughout the New York metropolitan area, with an acute focus on multifamily, industrial, mixed use, development and office properties. S. Charatan brings institutional quality real estate solutions to high net worth individuals, families, trusts, funds, foundations and other private investors.

Our philosophy is based on loyalty, trust and market expertise which allows us to provide the highest level of service to all of our clients. Cultivating long-lasting relationships with the real estate community is essential to the success of both our firm and our clients. From consultation through closing, our professionals are dedicated to achieving optimal results for our clients. From the insights of our veteran brokers paired with the latest real estate market knowledge, S. Charatan finds solutions that meet the specific needs of both the client and the asset.

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Charatan Team

Jack Bick

Our Founder & President

Jack’s professional career started in 1977 in the prestigious Harmonie Club on E. 60th street off Fifth Avenue. At the Harmonie Club Jack worked with some of New York’s top business leaders who were shaping their industries. Icons from the Hess, Rudin, Resnick, Stanton, Zuckerman and Farkas families inspired Jack to pursue a career in commercial real estate.

As a result of the advice and guidance from the great industry leaders Jack interacted with at the Harmonie Club, he then pursued a real estate career. He started at Austin Haldenstein which then became Douglas Elliman. In 1986 Jack and his late wife Shirley Charatan started S. Charatan Realty, Inc. They chose a storefront in the East Village to open their business. The block was the toughest block in the East Village at that time (note the movie “Taxi Driver” with Robert De Niro was filmed on the block). Jack liked the challenge of the tough neighborhood due to his humble upbringing in the Castle Hill projects in the Bronx. Shirley and Jack also had the foresight to pick this neighborhood because of NYU’s presence and the great ethnic mix of the East Village. Both Shirley and Jack’s parents were of European descent and they loved the food available in the area and the interaction with the diverse people of the neighborhood the storefront offered.

In the last 30 years Jack has completed transactions with some of New York’s top real estate players.

Jack was taught at a young age that his name is everything. He takes pride in protecting his investors’ money and treats his client’s money as if it is his own. He is in the business for the long run and understands that a long-term relationship is more important than a quick sale. As a Broker he would rather lose a deal then sell a bad deal. His favorite book is “Pirkei Avos,” ethics of the fathers.

Jack’s reputation speaks for itself in the New York City real estate market. He also welcomes the opportunity in working with other brokers as long as they share the same ethics as him.

Jack is “the Real Deal” and prides himself on dealing with everyone with integrity, honesty and humbleness.


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   (i) Prospective clients shall show identification;
   (ii) An exclusive broker agreement is not required;
   (iii) Mortgage pre-approvals are not required for commercial transactions


$5 Billion In Transactions | Over 33 Years Of Experience